One Heart Beat Away

I have mentioned that unless Wasilla is a very unusual town of 6,000, that there might be some question about giving its mayor the reins of the world, even with a year and a half on the Alaska governor’s office.

Apparently I was not alone in that concern.

Hold it.  I undersold Ms. Palin.  This  interview with Mrs. McCain informs me that Ms. Palin was president of the Wasilla PTA and that Wasilla is closer to Russia than any of us are, so she has lived national security and knows the enemy, I guess.

Play the Daily Show on this website to get many people’s reaction, presented in Jon Stewart’s inimitable style.  On the clips of the announcement look at McCain’s face.  Is it my imagination, or does he look worried and upset.  How would you like to be greeted by his smile?

One Heart Beat Away
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