Whining About Sexism

Saturday Night Live satirized Palin’s lack of knowledge about national politics when compared to the sophistication of Hillary Clinton. McCain’s campaign, according to Joe Klein of Time Magazine, has launched the sleaziest campaign in memory with its attack ads against Obama.

McCain who laughed out loud when Clinton was called a “b__,” feels that it is contemptible sexism to compare Palin to Clinton and satirize Palin’s lack of knowledge. (What, women should only be compared to men?) This of course is the same “sexism card” that Palin said made Clinton look weak when Clinton objected to her treatment.

So according to Palin this strange charge of sexism makes her look weak. But I don’t think Palin went far enough. It makes McCain look like a hypocrit and it makes them both look like shameless whiners.

Whining About Sexism
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