Campaign of Disinformation

This comment is a good example of the disinformation that is circulating as fact:

The Senate bill was replaced by the House bill H.R. 1461 [109th]: Federal Housing Finance Reform Act of 2005.  Chris Dodd the democratic chairman let it die in committee. Look up how much money Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac donated to Chris Dodd.

Once told something that is false, people will tenaciously hang onto it regardless of the facts. The reference in the comment is to a bill that passed the house, then was killed in the Senate.  In 2005 there were no Democratic chairmen of any committees.   Chris Dodd was a minority member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.  He had no power to do anything, as shown by the committees rules that I linked to on an earlier entry.

Campaign of Disinformation

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