What’s Wrong with the Democrats in 8th Congressional District?

Dave Reichert’s cynical playing of the people in the 8th Congressional District antagonizes many of his constituents.  His efforts on Facebook to distract people from the central issues before Congress with homey palliatives has been met with derision. He has two Facebook pages (Congressman Dave Reichert and Dave Reichert Politician) and the comments in each of them reflect the attitudes of people who feel betrayed by him.  That antipathy spilled over onto a Facebook page, Reject Dave Reichert.

Reichert’s promises and assurances about Trumpcare are refuted by the Congressional Budget Offices report.  The assurances in press releases and public statements about Trumpcare were false.  He voted for Trumpcare in the Ways and Means Committee, You can’t help but think they were intentionally deceitful since, even after the CBO report he still advocates for Trumpcare.  Just to take an example his assurances that seniors will not be affected by this proposed legislation are deconstructed by AARP in a letter, dated March 7 to the Committee on Ways and Means.  Just like Trump, whose tax returns are being protected by Reichert and other Republicans, he is committed to disseminating falsehoods.

Hopefully this is common knowledge to people in the 8th Congressional District.  The 8th Congressional District Democrats seem to be sleeping through all this.  The Republicans are well organized and it is easy to locate Republican groups and activities in that district, but try to find anything like that on the Democratic side.  I failed.  The is a notice and contact information about electing delegates to the 2016 national convention. Unlike other districts in Washington and districts in other states the Democrats have no social media presence with respect to the 8th Congressional District.

What’s Wrong with the Democrats in 8th Congressional District?

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