Business Law

Rand L. Koler & Associates, P. S. have a broadly-based business practice that focuses on business acquisitions and franchise law.

We routinely negotiate contracts and review loan documentation as well as assist in the “due diligence” phase of transactions.

As advisor to businesses, we identify the legal risks and advantages with respect to alternative courses of conduct. We represent several franchises in matters ranging from negotiations with franchisers to site development.

Franchise Law
Rand L. Koler & Associates, P. S. represents several different franchises.

Our services in this area of law range from representing the franchisee in negotiations and disputes with the franchiser to site acquisitions and construction issues.

General Business
Rand L. Koler & Associates, P. S. provides legal advice to businesses on both day-to-day matters and strategic planning.

The areas in which we have particular expertise include hospitality, financing, construction and manufacturing. Employment law has been a practice of emphasis, preparing employment agreements, handbooks, and defending employers in Department of Labor audits.

Purchase and Sale Transactions
Rand L. Koler & Associates, P.S. assists in the purchase and selling of businesses.

The firm also assists the seller in readying the business for sale and in the negotiation of terms of the sale. In representing buyers, we emphasize the “due diligence” phase of the transaction.

Rand L. Koler & Associates, P.S. can negotiate both the terms of a sale and the financing.