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Building-Security-Services Agreement
Condominium Management Agreement
Easement for Pipeline
Joint Venture Agreement
Minority Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement
Misc. Clauses & Information
Tenancy-in-common Agreement

Lender’s Long Form
Condominium – Buyer
Commercial with Lease

Lender’s Financing Instruments
Assignment and Assumption Agreement
Assignment and Assumption Agreement (seller’s form)
Assignment of Contract (buyer’s form)
Assignment of Deed of Trust
Assignment of Note and Deed of Trust
Assignment of Rent
Assumption Agreement
Attornment and Nondisturbance Agreement
Certificate and Indemnity Agreement
Certificate and Indemnity Agreement (California)
Certificate and Indemnity Agreement (Oregon)
Certificate and Indemnity Agreement (Washington)
Certified Copy of Resolutions to Borrow
Commitment Letter from Lender
Deed in lieu of Agreement
Deed in lieu of Foreclosure Agreement (2nd form)
Deed of Trust
Deed of Trust (2nd form)
Deed of Trust (multistate, check local law)
Deed of Trust Addendum (wrap around)
Deed of Trust Addendum (wrap around form 2)
Deed of Trust Amendment for Additional Advance
Financing Statement EXHIBIT B
Leasehold Deed of Trust
Leasehold Mortgage – Landlord’s Consent
Leasehold Mortgage – Lessor’s Consent & Confirmation
Legal Opinion – Borrower
Legal Opinion – Local Counsel
Legal Opinion – Out Of State Form
Legal Opinion Lender’s Form Out Of State
Legal Opinion Lender’s Form WA
Legal Opinion – Borrower
Loan Agreement – Construction Loan
Nonrecourse Language
Opinion of borrower (Wn loan)
Promissory Note (wrap around)

Apartment Sublease
Attornment and Nondisturbance Agreement
Confirmation Regarding Commitment to Lease
Lease – Space Lease (Landlord’s Form)
Lease Modification
Partnership Agreement

 Organizational Documents
Articles of Incorporation Owners Association
Articles of Incorporation Owners Association 2

 Purchase and Sale Documents
Agency Agreement to Acquire Property
Assignment of Leases (Buyer’s Form)
Assignment of Purchase Agreement
Bill of Sale (Buyer’s Form)
Bill of Sale (Seller’s Form)
Brokerage Agreement
Buyer’s Escrow Instructions
Buyer’s Short Form Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement
Checklist – Land Purchase
Exchange Agreement
King County Disclosure Form
Limited Power of Attorney (To Buy)
Tenant’s Confirmation to Buyer
109-Limited Power